Team building by bike

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  • Duration: 9h
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Ground: mixed asphalt dirt roads
  • Route: 20 km loop


Explore, Collaborate and Enjoy, the Team building by bike in the heart of Puglia Our “explore, collaborate and taste” team building package is divided into three phases and offers you an unforgettable e-bike experience in the picturesque setting of Gioia del Colle, at the foot of the Itria Valley in Puglia. This Cycling Experience combines outdoor activities, discovery of local culture and team collaboration, all enhanced by food and wine workshops. The team building begins with a meeting at the Gioia del Colle train station, where the group, after a brief welcome briefing, will reach the operational headquarters where they will take possession of the e bikes. Riding our e bikes we will set off on a relaxing ride suitable for everyone, lasting about 45 minutes. Here begins the first “explore” phase where participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Apulian countryside, admiring breathtaking landscapes and visiting places of historical interest. The group will be accompanied by experienced guides and led through scenic routes, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of this region. At the end of the e bike ride, they will arrive at a typical farm where team building will enter the second “collabora” phase and the group will have the opportunity to participate in activities designed to strengthen bonds between colleagues. Through workshops, they will work together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals, thus developing collaboration, communication and mutual trust. Thus participants will see themselves in different groups and take part in 3 food and wine workshops: 1 fresh pasta cooking class: In the pasta workshop, participants will learn how to make fresh Apulian pasta from scratch. They will knead the dough and process it to create different pasta shapes, such as orecchiette and cavatelli, discovering the secrets of traditional Apulian recipes. 2 mozzarella cooking class: Participants will begin by learning how to make mozzarella, one of Gioia del Colle’s most renowned dairy products. An expert cheesemaker will guide the group through the process, explaining the traditions and techniques used to create this delicacy. 3 winery tour: A wine expert will guide the group to discover grape processing techniques, as well as explain the organoleptic characteristics of the wines that will be tasted. In each workshop experts in the field, chefs, sommeliers and master cheesemakers will take you through a full immersion into the secrets of each of our typical food and wine products. At the end of the workshops, the third and final phase of the team building “gusta” will take shape in which participants, after completing the workshops, will sit down for an authentic Apulian lunch, accompanied by a selection of wines paired with the meals. They will be able to enjoy their handmade dishes while sharing moments of conviviality among colleagues, strengthening the bonds created during the tour and workshop. Our bicycle team building package in Gioia del Colle offers a unique experience that combines adventure, culture, team collaboration and culinary delights. It is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories and strengthen your team. Join us for an experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a taste of Puglia in your heart.
Why Gioia del Colle:
Gioia del Colle is a city located in the Puglia region of Italy, and it is famous for several reasons: 1. Norman-Swabian Castle: One of Gioia del Colle’s main landmarks is its medieval castle. Built initially in the 9th century and then expanded by the Swabians in the 13th century, the Norman-Swabian castle is an imposing fortress that dominates the historic center of the town. 2. Mozzarella di Gioia del Colle: Gioia del Colle is known for the production of the delicious mozzarella fiordilatte DOP (Protected Designation of Origin). This stringy cheese is an important Italian culinary specialty, and Gioia del Colle is one of the main places of production. 3. Primitivo di Gioia del Colle wine: Gioia del Colle is also known for its wine production, particularly Primitivo di Gioia del Colle. Primitivo is an indigenous grape variety that produces robust and intense red wines. These are just some of the reasons Gioia del Colle is famous. The city also offers a rich historical heritage, a vibrant food and wine culture, and a strategic location in the Apulian region.


  • Mozzarella Cooking Class
  • Fresh Pasta Cooking Class
  • Wine Traning
  • Mozzarella Tasting 
  • Wine Tasting
  • Fresh Pasta Tasting


Gioia del Colle (Bari)


E-bike, helmet, liability insurance, assistance, expert guide, cooking class and tasting

Not Incluted


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Suitable for people aged 14 and over in good physical shape, and rear bike seats are available for children up to 4 years old. Make sure to bring enough water and appropriate clothing for the activity and season.
  • Meeting point: Gioia del Colle train station  (how to get: BY CAR About 30 minutes from Bari, Matera and Taranto or BY TRAIN About 40 minutes via the Bari Taranto line)
  • Meeting time: 8.30 (short briefing);
  • Departure of the tour: 9.00;
  • The tour ends at our headquarter (near the station)

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